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Amnon Yoshua Consulting Engineers Ltd

is the oldest and leading engineering company in its field in Israel.

The company "Amnon Yoshua Engineers Consultants Ltd" was founded in 1961by Amnon Yoshua, and since then is known as the oldest and leading company inIsrael in the design of plumbing systems.

Amnon Yoshua was a leading engineer at the "Harut" company, and after years of work he decided to retire and start a company that would specialize and specialize in the engineering design of plumbing systems. In 1993, his son, the engineer Yair Yoshua, joined the company, after gaining experience as a lead engineer in the construction company "Kalorit". Since 2010, Yair has been the owner and CEO of the company.

Since its establishment, the company has grown and become the leading company inIsrael in its field - planning and supervision of sanitation systems. The company has to its credit the planning of thousands of projects in a variety of fields:hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, residences, public buildings, integrated buildings, logistics centers, towers, commercial centers and shopping malls, office buildings, knowledge-intensive factories and industries, urban infrastructures, and special projects from the well-known ones in Israel (such as the Biblical Zoo, Ben Gurion Airport, the Supreme Court, Kiryat HaModi'in and more).

The company specializes in engineering planning for various water systems including pumping systems, fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems, heating and heating systems, sewage systems including pre-treatments, drainage systems, special supply and disposal systems, energy and energy efficiency systems, medical gas systems and more.

The company's goal is to provide professional and economic engineering solutions that are adapted to the customer's needs at the highest level of service, with professionalism, honesty and fairness without compromise and providing personal service.

The office is computerized and updated with software and technological means from the leaders in the field, adheres to constant learning and providing professional training to the staff members, and self-reflection. The office performs quality control subject to the international quality assurance standard ( ISO 9001).

Our office was the first in Israel to start working and specialize in the BIM (Building InformationModeling )methodology, in close collaboration with the "Tadhar" company, the pioneer in Israel in the field.

Thanks to its experience, professionalism and high level of service, Amnon Yoshua Consulting Engineers Ltd. is appreciated by entrepreneurs and leading management companies, and is registered as a registered supplier of theMinistry of Defense. Throughout its years of existence, the company has been busy planning some of the leading and most complex projects in Israel.


The team of engineers in the company includes experienced and professional engineers with many years of experience in the field.

We at "Yosha Engineers" advocate long-term relationships with people who grow and develop with us and interpersonal systems based on trust, reliability, honesty, caring and sharing. We believe in a valuable company that advocates professionalism.

During all the years of the company's existence, a special human mosaic was built which steadily established a professional, experienced company with accumulated knowledge. Together, the people of "Yosha Engineers" constitute the human capital of the company and thanks to them we have become and remain the quality planning office in Israel in its field.

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