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"Amnon Yoshua Consultants Engineers Ltd" is a leading engineering company in the industry that specializes in the planning and supervision of a wide variety of projects: various water systems and their treatment, fire extinguishing systems and sprinklers, sewage systems and pre-treatment as needed, sanitary fixtures, energy systems, energy efficiency, Medical and industrial gases, drainage and outdoor infrastructure.

Fire extinguishing systems

Our office specializes in planning fire extinguishing systems and sprinklers of various types (wet systems, dry systems, mist, etc.) for all types of buildings and at all risk levels, in accordance with international and local standards (NFPA, 1596), hydraulic calculations and their approval by authorities.

Water System

Our office designs all types of water systems, tailored to the needs of the client, including potable water, treated water according to programmatic requirements (osmosis and production processes), pressure increase/decrease systems, accumulation and suction, efficient water heating systems adapted to the required, steam systems and high temperature.

Pouring and dripping

Our responsibility in planning includes gravitational collection systems, suction systems and facilities as needed, and treatment and disposal systems for laboratory waste

efficient heat and energy systems

Our office designs efficient heat and energy systems that can enable significant and sustainable savings in large and energy-intensive projects (hotels, hospitals, and industrial facilities). The planning of the systems is tailored to the type of project, its size, and the needs of the client.

Medical Gas Systems

We design medical gas systems in accordance with international (NFPA) and local (01-G) standards for hospitals and other health facilities. The work is carried out in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and our clients to plan efficient and reliable systems that meet programmatic needs and requirements.

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